Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Hey guys! So I've been trying to find time to make a post and the search for Wi-Fi is real out here so I just kind of took a lot of photos and will post them all at once on here. Also, I can't always find someone to take photos of me and my friend together so its either me or my friends in the photo and the ones of us together are all selfies so bear with me.
I arrived in Amsterdam on Thursday and then took a 30-40 minute train to Rotterdam the same day. I stayed with a dear friend of mine called Dora (or Dora the Explorer as she is often called)who you will see in several photos. She was a gracious host and took me everywhere I needed to see in Rotterdam and cooked for me everyday! (Wifey Material). Ps: My Brothers already offered bride price for her. hahaha.
We walked around Kralingse Bos which is the huge forest/hiking trail you see in the photos. In the forest, there is a deer park, a pancake house, a petting zoo, a climbing forest, a golf course, a jogging track and a beach area. It was really an amazing place. I would make that hike everyday if I could.
I also got to meet up with an old friend of mine called Ramona who I remembered stayed in Rotterdam as well. I hadn't seen her in about 10 years so it was really exciting. Ramona and I went to Amsterdam to act like tourists for a bit. It was truly a great day despite the weather.
I went out a lot, made new friends and had a great time and finally I moved on to the next country. It was really sad to leave not knowing when ill be back to see my friends again but I hope we will see each other soon enough. Below are some photos of where I stayed, and a few people I met on the way. Now im in Belgium so I will have photos of that soon.
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Just arriving from my flight
 Breakfast! I'm learning to eat healthier


 Steep Stairs
 Indoor Gardening
Chef Dora!



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