Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Paris Je t'aime

The last leg of my trip was in Paris where I stayed for two weeks. I felt like I took so many of those photos before so I slacked off quite a bit on the photo taking. Also my camera had an unfortunate accident at the zoo and the focus is all messed up.
I can safely say I spent most of my week eating Croque Monsieurs and walking a LOT. I also attended a Chromeo concert. I was soooooo excited to see them but I forgot to buy a ticket and it was sold out so I was really upset. Then on the day of the concert I found someone willing to sell me their ticket last minute so I got to go. Lead singer touched my hands and I went into fangirl mode (OMG I will never wash this hand).
I visited the famous Shakespeare and Company Bookstore which is known to have been a gathering place for Hemingway and other famous writers in the 1920s. There are actually two stores one which was opened in the 1920s but finally closed in the 1940's due to the German occupation of Paris, and the second which is the one that still stands today which was opened in 1951. I bought the classic "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" by Julia Child.
We also visited the famous Lovelock bridge at Pont des Arts and added a lock to the huge collection. It was recently reported that some part of the bridge has now collapsed due to the overwhelming amount of locks.
I had unreal amounts of fun in Paris, got to see old friends and meet some new ones but now I'm back to reality in good old Texas. Until my next adventure, I bid you all adieu.

Friday, May 30, 2014

London Town

Over the next couple of days I just tried to be a tourist. I guess I didn't mention before that this is my first time in London so I get a tourist pass. lol. I literally just planted myself in front of as many stereotypically British things as possible. It really was an awesome time. I would say the best time was at the very end when I was reunited with a lot of my friends from school in Nigeria and we had such a great time. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take a photo with the Bukingham Palace guards because the queen was home so the palace wasn't open to tourists. I had to settle for a pretty jolly police officer. I visited the London eye (our luck had run out with the weather so it rained), Westminsters abbey, a random telephone booth (seriously, the inside of those things are gross). We also went to harrods to have lunch and to see the prada exhibit which was so amazing! It was on the evolution of prada through the years.
I would say my overall feeling about London is that, it was great. Will definitely visit again soon. Sorry for the photo overload. Did y'all know you could click on one photo and do a slideshow thing instead of scrolling down? You may just not be able to see the little captions for some photos.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day at the Park

So guys, I barely made it on my train to London because the UK border control wanted to play 20 questions. Anyways, after pulling an Usain Bolt, I got to my train with 1 minute to spare and arrived in London to meet with my best friend.
Milton Keynes is kind of like the suburbs and I stayed there for the first couple of days because I needed that peace and quiet for just a bit.
First thing I did when I arrived in London though was meet up with a group of friends and going to Hyde Park. We then spent a good chunk of the day on a paddle boat and just enjoying that rare good London weather. We ate some questionably delicious cakes and were almost attacked by a flock of birds because SOMEONE decided to feed the birds....
Below are pics of our day at the lake. More London pics to come shortly.

Monday, May 19, 2014

I Gent Forget about Brussels


Hi hi! So this past week I visited the picture perfect country of Belgium. Specifically, I went to Brussels and Gent (pronounced Get but with an N, not Gent as in Gentleman).
I stayed with another friend of mine that I met while I stayed in Paris many years ago called Evi. She was so great at showing me around and she had actually bought all these maps and circled everything I needed to know on there (little did she know I am useless with maps).
     Belgium is known for its chocolates, fries, beers, and waffles amongst other things so I tried to explore as many of these as I could. I took a day to visit the main attractions in the city like Le Grand Place and the Manneken Pis (literally a little boy peeing...i don't get it) which I later found out has a sister sculpture called the Jeanekke Pis (yep, you guessed it, a peeing girl...oh Belgium). This sister statue was actually created by the owner of a bar called Delirum which is known as the bar with the most beer selection in the world with over 2000 choices of beer!! I had to visit if only to see for myself. So you will find pictures of some of the beers ordered by my friends throughout the trip for those interested. 
     The city of Gent was very picturesque so I included some photos of that. In one of the bars I visited, I met a skinhead that actually turned out to be amazingly nice which is not exactly how they are portrayed on TV. I also met a Freemason and man dressed as a priest. Sadly I didn't have enough time to visit the Atomium so i'll definitely have to visit again. I was just so tired from all the walking. Now im in London so I will post on that shortly.
Click on "read more" to see more pics or just click on the blog post title.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Hey guys! So I've been trying to find time to make a post and the search for Wi-Fi is real out here so I just kind of took a lot of photos and will post them all at once on here. Also, I can't always find someone to take photos of me and my friend together so its either me or my friends in the photo and the ones of us together are all selfies so bear with me.
I arrived in Amsterdam on Thursday and then took a 30-40 minute train to Rotterdam the same day. I stayed with a dear friend of mine called Dora (or Dora the Explorer as she is often called)who you will see in several photos. She was a gracious host and took me everywhere I needed to see in Rotterdam and cooked for me everyday! (Wifey Material). Ps: My Brothers already offered bride price for her. hahaha.
We walked around Kralingse Bos which is the huge forest/hiking trail you see in the photos. In the forest, there is a deer park, a pancake house, a petting zoo, a climbing forest, a golf course, a jogging track and a beach area. It was really an amazing place. I would make that hike everyday if I could.
I also got to meet up with an old friend of mine called Ramona who I remembered stayed in Rotterdam as well. I hadn't seen her in about 10 years so it was really exciting. Ramona and I went to Amsterdam to act like tourists for a bit. It was truly a great day despite the weather.
I went out a lot, made new friends and had a great time and finally I moved on to the next country. It was really sad to leave not knowing when ill be back to see my friends again but I hope we will see each other soon enough. Below are some photos of where I stayed, and a few people I met on the way. Now im in Belgium so I will have photos of that soon.
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Saturday, April 26, 2014

And the Countdown Begins

First of all let me say, I am THE most inconsistent blogger ever. I wouldn't even call myself a blogger, just person who feels like posting randomly so forgive me for my couple of years long hibernation. I've pretty much been finishing up with school and working and all that fun stuff.
So, in about 11 days, ill be jetting off on a month long vacation to a few places in Europe and as always I'll be using this blog as an outlet for posting my photos, videos etc. I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks and hope to keep it as entertaining as possible.