Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Midnight in Paris

After all the stress from school work, i decided it was time for some rest and relaxation. My friend got a room at a hotel called Le Grand Hotel. It's situated right across the Academie National de Musique, a.k.a the phantom of the opera's living quarters.We ate, laughed, stayed up late and indulged in the over priced mini bar (1 Toblerone = 7 Euros,Gasp!).  The view was amazing!It was really therapeutic for me. Now i feel rejuvenated and ready to take on my last month in Paris. The photos are pretty much in order of when i arrive till i go to bed. I know everyone is feeling the stress of final exams now so take a day off or a few hours off and treat yourself to some rest and relaxation.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Indian Night

We've recently been having these nights out which we dedicate to eating cuisines from different countries. This time it was Indian and we had such a blast. We ate at a restaurant called Angheethi.  Here's a list of some of the stuff we ate: 

Starter: Mango & Rose Lassi, Paneer Pakora, Samosa Legumes, and a grill mix of chicken & lamb.
Main course: Cheese Nan, Garlic Nan, Poulet Karahi, Panner Tikka Masala.
Desert: Kulfi, gulab jamun

I got some pictures of the food but not all, too busy chowing down what turned out to be some really delicious food. But i encourage people to try out new foods, keeps your stomach guessing. lol 
Next week is Brazilian! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nneka Concert!

For those who do not know who Nneka is, "y'all better ask somebody". She is a half Nigerian, half German neo soul singer. She started her musical career in Germany after getting influenced by artists such as Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Bob Marley. Her first major breakthrough song was heartbeat but she has many more amazing songs (read about her here).
So we went to her concert and it was sooooooo live!The openning band was really good too. i forgot their name. i was really interested in seeing how she would communicate with the french crowd being that she has a pretty thick Nigerian accent and to my surprise, she spoke like she always does and for the most part she was understood. Even my friend Natasha was speaking pidgin and didn't know it. I have two clips of her performing "Walking" and "V.I.P" (vagabonds in power). I wasn't allowed to take my camera into the concert but my friend was allowed to so all these pics and videos are courtesy of her. Excuse the blurriness in some photos, we were having too much fun to focus on the camera.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Amsterdam!

I went to Amsterdam (city of bikes) recently for a weekend with about 55 ERASMUS students. It was crazy but fun. We traveled by bus so it was about a 6 hours drive but we stopped often to eat so it took us 8 hours. Less than 2 hours after we arrived in Amsterdam, i already had some random guy trying to sell me Extacy and Coke. Welcome to Amsterdam!  After this we walked around, it was really cold,you will notice in all the photos i was very covered up. It was even colder than Paris! we took pictures in a giant clog, ate some Chinese with a blowup doll and visited the Van Gogh Museum. Then some of my friends proceeded to visit a coffee shop. Was a very interesting first night. oh and did i mention we stayed on a boat? 
The next day we visited Anne Frank's House. It was an amazing but sad experience. We literally got to walk in Anne Frank's footsteps. After reading the story several times over, it was unreal to actually see the place where she and her family hid behind the bookcase, and her room where she stayed. There were still posters that she hung up stuck to the wall. It was just amazing. My friend Keenan and i signed the Anne Frank house book. After, we just did some exploring, visited the sex museum. Don't judge me, it was actually on the program for the trip. After we visited shops found the best stores all over Amsterdam. There was a particular coat store which i totally live for right now, found the most amazing winter jacket there. 
There was also an Occupy rally going on "Occupy Amsterdam". And towards the very end of the trip there was a parade for St Nicholas. I found it quite strange because the dutch actually believe that St Nicholas a.k.a  Father Christmas a.k.a Santa clause did not have little elves but he had black helpers. No seriously, the helpers in the parade wore black face and had kinky hair, red lips and gold hoop earrings. I still don't know how to feel about all that. I also failed to mention that i visited the red light district but i was told pictures are not allowed there so just Google it. Anyways, Amsterdam was full of surprises and was everything i expected and more. I will be visiting again for sure.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Château de Versailles

Last weekend, i went with a couple of friends to Château de Versailles and i have to say, it was such an amazing experience! The château was so beautiful but the garden was what really took my breath away. It was like another world. I still can't believe the royal family had all that to themselves, its beyond huge. There was so much history i had to learn about while touring the château for example i took a picture of two doors which you will notice below. The open one is the door which Marie Antoinette used to escape the rioting crowds. she used it to run into the kings chamber, but as we all know she was caught and killed by guillotine! 
I didn't walk all through the garden, i sort of got tired after seeing how much longer i had to go. I had the option of renting a bike or renting a golf cart to finish the garden but i was too tired to do either. But i took a billion pictures and boiled it down to about forty something pictures which are in chronological order. Oh and we had random leaf fights throughout the garden. Its autumn so here a bunch of leaves just sitting around. I lost a shoe in the process. It was pretty much buried in leaves. Guess i can check leaf fight in Versailles off my to-do list. Enjoy <3 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Musee du Louvre

This week in class, the french teacher told us to describe our experience at an museum exhibition and that was when i realized I've been in Paris for 2 months and i haven't visited any museums. So i set out to the Louvre to see all the beautiful art and sculptures. When i got there, i was blown away by the beautiful architecture,the pyramids, the fountains, everything was just awesome. I waited in the longest line of my life as you will see in the photos but it was totally worth it. Students get in free so that was cool. I went to so many exhibits, i'm not too learned in the arts so there was a lot to take in and my head hurt afterwards. Lots of biblical and mythological references in the Italian art section. I took photos of some that i really liked. A worthwhile experience.