Friday, May 30, 2014

London Town

Over the next couple of days I just tried to be a tourist. I guess I didn't mention before that this is my first time in London so I get a tourist pass. lol. I literally just planted myself in front of as many stereotypically British things as possible. It really was an awesome time. I would say the best time was at the very end when I was reunited with a lot of my friends from school in Nigeria and we had such a great time. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take a photo with the Bukingham Palace guards because the queen was home so the palace wasn't open to tourists. I had to settle for a pretty jolly police officer. I visited the London eye (our luck had run out with the weather so it rained), Westminsters abbey, a random telephone booth (seriously, the inside of those things are gross). We also went to harrods to have lunch and to see the prada exhibit which was so amazing! It was on the evolution of prada through the years.
I would say my overall feeling about London is that, it was great. Will definitely visit again soon. Sorry for the photo overload. Did y'all know you could click on one photo and do a slideshow thing instead of scrolling down? You may just not be able to see the little captions for some photos.

There's beauty in rain

Pretty Rain

We leaned, Such

Big Ben, Parliament

Big Ben :)

There's a really interesting story behind this logo. Its rumored to be a Chanel logo put there by the Duke of Westminster to proclaim his love for coco. But as it turns out, it only stands for city council.

I really was scared of getting kicked by a horse in the face. My face says it all

Calling 007

Queen's home, can't go in. 

Sir, there is a squirrel on your pants!

Trafalgar Square

How is he levitating??

Double Decker

Pradasphere, Evolution of Prada

Trying to eat healthy

Reunion Galore

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