Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day at the Park

So guys, I barely made it on my train to London because the UK border control wanted to play 20 questions. Anyways, after pulling an Usain Bolt, I got to my train with 1 minute to spare and arrived in London to meet with my best friend.
Milton Keynes is kind of like the suburbs and I stayed there for the first couple of days because I needed that peace and quiet for just a bit.
First thing I did when I arrived in London though was meet up with a group of friends and going to Hyde Park. We then spent a good chunk of the day on a paddle boat and just enjoying that rare good London weather. We ate some questionably delicious cakes and were almost attacked by a flock of birds because SOMEONE decided to feed the birds....
Below are pics of our day at the lake. More London pics to come shortly.

Milton Keyes=Surburbia
Hyde Park



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