Monday, May 19, 2014

I Gent Forget about Brussels


Hi hi! So this past week I visited the picture perfect country of Belgium. Specifically, I went to Brussels and Gent (pronounced Get but with an N, not Gent as in Gentleman).
I stayed with another friend of mine that I met while I stayed in Paris many years ago called Evi. She was so great at showing me around and she had actually bought all these maps and circled everything I needed to know on there (little did she know I am useless with maps).
     Belgium is known for its chocolates, fries, beers, and waffles amongst other things so I tried to explore as many of these as I could. I took a day to visit the main attractions in the city like Le Grand Place and the Manneken Pis (literally a little boy peeing...i don't get it) which I later found out has a sister sculpture called the Jeanekke Pis (yep, you guessed it, a peeing girl...oh Belgium). This sister statue was actually created by the owner of a bar called Delirum which is known as the bar with the most beer selection in the world with over 2000 choices of beer!! I had to visit if only to see for myself. So you will find pictures of some of the beers ordered by my friends throughout the trip for those interested. 
     The city of Gent was very picturesque so I included some photos of that. In one of the bars I visited, I met a skinhead that actually turned out to be amazingly nice which is not exactly how they are portrayed on TV. I also met a Freemason and man dressed as a priest. Sadly I didn't have enough time to visit the Atomium so i'll definitely have to visit again. I was just so tired from all the walking. Now im in London so I will post on that shortly.
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Some military guys gliding down the structure seen above.

Belgian Fries


 Pano shot of Le Grand Place
 I was soo scared the horse would kick me in the face.
 Touching this Statue is supposed to keep you from getting sick


The Manneken Pis
 The Jeanekke Pis
The Manneken Peace..hehe.
Insert Random Food Pic Here


Menus was a whole book!

Brugge Tripel
 Those are all the beer selections all over the wall

Random man dressed as a priest

Awesome American I met in the bar with creepy priest

Nicest Skinhead
Freemason Ring

Pano Shot in Delirium
Tripel Karmeliet

La Chouffe

Random Graffiti Wall in Gent!

All Gent Photos Below


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  1. By the way, I love Tripel. Really just Belgian beers.