Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Amsterdam!

I went to Amsterdam (city of bikes) recently for a weekend with about 55 ERASMUS students. It was crazy but fun. We traveled by bus so it was about a 6 hours drive but we stopped often to eat so it took us 8 hours. Less than 2 hours after we arrived in Amsterdam, i already had some random guy trying to sell me Extacy and Coke. Welcome to Amsterdam!  After this we walked around, it was really cold,you will notice in all the photos i was very covered up. It was even colder than Paris! we took pictures in a giant clog, ate some Chinese with a blowup doll and visited the Van Gogh Museum. Then some of my friends proceeded to visit a coffee shop. Was a very interesting first night. oh and did i mention we stayed on a boat? 
The next day we visited Anne Frank's House. It was an amazing but sad experience. We literally got to walk in Anne Frank's footsteps. After reading the story several times over, it was unreal to actually see the place where she and her family hid behind the bookcase, and her room where she stayed. There were still posters that she hung up stuck to the wall. It was just amazing. My friend Keenan and i signed the Anne Frank house book. After, we just did some exploring, visited the sex museum. Don't judge me, it was actually on the program for the trip. After we visited shops found the best stores all over Amsterdam. There was a particular coat store which i totally live for right now, found the most amazing winter jacket there. 
There was also an Occupy rally going on "Occupy Amsterdam". And towards the very end of the trip there was a parade for St Nicholas. I found it quite strange because the dutch actually believe that St Nicholas a.k.a  Father Christmas a.k.a Santa clause did not have little elves but he had black helpers. No seriously, the helpers in the parade wore black face and had kinky hair, red lips and gold hoop earrings. I still don't know how to feel about all that. I also failed to mention that i visited the red light district but i was told pictures are not allowed there so just Google it. Anyways, Amsterdam was full of surprises and was everything i expected and more. I will be visiting again for sure.


  1. Love you girl, see you in a month! AH! <3Rachel

  2. I want to go to amsterdam!!!! It looks like so much fun!! I'm glad you had fun girlie!

    love you xx

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