Monday, September 5, 2011

Moulin Rouge!

While having breakfast the other day, i heard someone sneeze next to me and i instinctively said "bless you" and that's how i met Cam and Sam. The coolest Aussies ever. Within an hour of meeting, we had already booked tickets to see Moulin Rouge.
Before seeing the show, i never knew what it actually was. I only knew it was a cabaret sort of show and i had the Moulin Rouge song to refer to but that was it. When the show started i didn't have much of an expectation but when a couple of mostly naked women started dancing, i understood the men to women ratio in the audience. The costumes were very extravagant. People weren't allowed into the room with cameras so i wasn't able to take pictures of the actual show but i got some pictures of it online. There was this really awesome part of the show when one of the dancers got into a big tank with snakes in it and swam with the snakes.. it was pretty amazing. so here are some pictures from the night.


  1. Great pics. Do they still have a lot of sex shops along that street?

  2. well i havn't actually been able o explore that area. The Moulin Rouge is right next to the subway so i went just there and back.