Thursday, September 1, 2011

Luxembourg, subways and stare wars

Its been a busy couple of days, so much to do and so little time. I won't lie and say its all fun and games. I've had to look for an apartment the whole time and have finally given up and hopped on the home stay express. I should have a place within the week. For the first two days tho i hung out with an amazing family of my friend and had an awesome time. actually on the first day, jet-lagged and all, i was taken out dancing at this club, and the next day we visited the Luxembourg garden. It was beyond what i could imagine. sooo beautiful. took so many photos. Definitely going back. A good place for an afternoon nap.
Also i rode the metro for the first time in Paris and I gotta say, the french do love their stare wars. Its so funny how normal it is to stare here. You would have people looking straight into your eyes yet want nothing in particular from you. Found it a bit weird at first but i'm getting used to it. I was told it gets worse too, eventually they start trying to sit closer to you but i don't know.  All the stuff i heard about pick pocketing and stuff didn't really happen to me. Maybe cause I've been watching my stuff like a hawk.but i did see an american tourist walking around with his bag WIDE open and they complain that people steal from them. oh and i almost got hit by a bus and then a car.....good times. Well here are a couple of photos from the first few days.


  1. Omg you look so gorgeous!!!!..... Can't wait to see you. Baba

  2. Ike! U look sooo cute :) Have a blast!

  3. You take great great Pictures!!!! I hope you have a ball!!!