Tuesday, September 6, 2011


 The funniest and also most amazing thing happened the other day. I was walking with my friends Cam and Sam to look for a Zara store when we spotted a car. i hadn't seen many like it in France and we sort of took a moment to appreciate it and eventually started walking on. I looked back for a moment because i heard the door open and out flies LENNY KRAVITZ. It was one of those moment in my life where i had to decide the appropriate reaction. It seemed surreal so i said to my friend "that's Lenny Kravitz" and i decided not to be another crazy fan and let the man live in peace. Cameron obviously did not think i should have been so calm because just then he screamed " LENNY LENNY" and Lenny stopped and walked back over to us. I kinda just froze. so excuse the crazy facial expression that looks like some sort of cross between a smile and me chewing on something. He had a quick chat with us and took a photo and headed off on his way. He was pretty nice. Well that's the best thing that happened all week.

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