Thursday, November 10, 2011

Château de Versailles

Last weekend, i went with a couple of friends to Château de Versailles and i have to say, it was such an amazing experience! The château was so beautiful but the garden was what really took my breath away. It was like another world. I still can't believe the royal family had all that to themselves, its beyond huge. There was so much history i had to learn about while touring the château for example i took a picture of two doors which you will notice below. The open one is the door which Marie Antoinette used to escape the rioting crowds. she used it to run into the kings chamber, but as we all know she was caught and killed by guillotine! 
I didn't walk all through the garden, i sort of got tired after seeing how much longer i had to go. I had the option of renting a bike or renting a golf cart to finish the garden but i was too tired to do either. But i took a billion pictures and boiled it down to about forty something pictures which are in chronological order. Oh and we had random leaf fights throughout the garden. Its autumn so here a bunch of leaves just sitting around. I lost a shoe in the process. It was pretty much buried in leaves. Guess i can check leaf fight in Versailles off my to-do list. Enjoy <3 

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  1. Amazing pictures babe! I'm so jealous. I want Paris!!!

    love you xxx