Saturday, September 24, 2011

Petit Chalet!!

My friends and i went to this amazing party on an island. I was really an amazing night out. Actually it was yesterday night. There was this really HUGE line because we had to get there by boat. Before i got there though, i took a taxi with my friend and left my phone in the taxi. Epic fail. Then i called my phone to see if the taxi driver can come back and he was all like "No, i cannot now because i have a customer but i will put it in the lost and found" Thankfully its a really crappy phone so i don't think he'd want to steal it anyway. But back to the party, it was actually kind of pricey. For females its 35 Euros and for guys its 50 Euros so i was counting on it being great. They also give you ten ticket stubs which you can use for food and drinks all night. They actually had a hot dog stand. I used all my ten stubs for Twix bars. I just went up to the guy and said "Dix twix sil vous plait" and he thought i was crazy but yea, i will be on a sugar high for a couple of days. Enjoy the photos! 

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