Thursday, September 1, 2011

Little hotel, big charm

Right now i'm staying at a hotel on Rue de Fourcy while i wait for my home stay accommodation info and its not an expensive hotel compared to some others and the rooms are not the greatest either but i find that i can over look all that stuff when there is so much more to the hotel. It has the coolest features ever. On my way to breakfast one morning, i stumbled upon a passage way that made me think i lost my way, that's because it looked like something out of Spartacus. I thought i was walking to a torture room or something but it was just an alternate way to the breakfast room. Here are some photos from the hotel. If you notice, in the last few pictures, i didn't really go in the room..was a bit scared honestly, it was pitch black.


  1. Nice hotel..rilwan

  2. I'm liking living vicariously through you. Nice pics and deets

  3. lovely hotel, makes me want to book a room when I happen to get to Paris. By the way, I have a friend who lives in Paris and he went to college in USA, and now works in a hotel there.