Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I finally found the perfect place in Paris. As some of you know, i had a bit of a hard time getting accommodation when i arrived. I initially stayed at a hostel and then at a friends place, so I decided to just shell out a couple more hundreds to an agency that guaranteed me a place in a short time and they definitely delivered on that promise and I moved in last Monday! It is nice and cozy apartment located in the 19eme Arrondissement right next to a really beautiful park called Parc de Buttes Chaumant and It is very close to my school. It had everything i needed when i moved in, a Full-length mirror, a French-English dictionary and a big enough closet. I can't really take photos of the house being that its a family home but i can take a picture of my room. I also took a picture of a view outside one of the windows that i really love at night. Its a lit up street that to me looks so nice and calm when i look out the window at night, especially when it rains. Oh and don't ask me why i keep my Uncle Ben's rice on the desk in my room, it just felt....right.  I live with a really nice couple that own one dog and one cat. The cat is extremely scared of me so it took a couple of hours to get this shot of the cat, it actually tried to hide behind a chair leg......Cats.....but the dog is a sweetheart. Well, here are the photos of my space. 



  1. What camera are you using?

  2. @olaolu the cat is called kalel.
    @ingrid im using Nikon D3100