Friday, September 16, 2011

Gallarie Lafayette and Live sit-ins

Yesterday i had a great time at Gallarie Lafayette which is a shopping center. Its quite huge and very beautifully constructed. I actually got to go to the roof where there is a beautiful view of Paris and the Eiffel tower. There is also a restaurant on the roof. Its mostly a tourist shopping center though so everything is expensive. I was with a friend of mine looking for shoes when a guy came up to us and invited us to sit in as part of a studio audience for a show on Canal + called "Salut Les Terriens". We thought it would be an interesting experience so we agreed to go. Also he said there would be food so that motivated me a bit more. well food turned out to be a small piece of cake and a bottle of water. The old "there will be food" trick, i should have known better. The show is a talk show hosted by a man called Thierry Ardisson with a lot of political mumbo jumbo and it was 4 hours of taping! so when we got there and were told that they had over booked people, i was so happy and ready to go because i was tired from shopping anyway but they said we should go over to another studio to sit in  on another show called "Les guignols de l'info". This show is actually way more popular and actually funnier than the other show. The best part was that it was live and we also only had to be there for about 15 minutes. It is a puppet show with a lot of political characters. It was funny even though i only understood every other word. I actually got a little video clip which can be found all the way at the bottom of the page. So, yea I had fun, and made new friends. Also the show gave us free tickets to see a play next Thursday. It was definitely a worthwhile experience.


  1. NO WAY! You got to see Les Guignols in live? I'm SO jealous! haha Hope you had fun! Come visit us in Caen soon! See you :)

  2. haha ye it was so cool. I definitely will visit soon. see you ;)